Farmers to Families - Eco Food Boxes
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased hunger and unemployment in Brazil. In response, the Lutheran Foundation of Diakonia (FLD), the Mission Council among Indigenous People (COMIN) and the Center for Support and Promotion of Agroecology (CAPA) created the Farmers to Families - Eco Food Boxes, a campaign that doubles the impact of each donation. On one side, families facing food insecurity receive a box with a month-long supply of healthy foods and cleaning products. On the other, family farmers and solidarity economy organizations, who also have been deeply affected by the current economic recession, supply the products that make up the boxes that are donated.

Since March, 2,300 families have already received the eco food boxes but thousands more still need support to face the upcoming months.

Contribute to our campaign and help vulnerable communities in Brazil!
Make a donation to help in the fight against COVID-19 in Brazil
Protection Kit made by Solidarity Economy Organizations
Family Farming Eco Food Boxes
Complete Support
Face masks and a month-long supply of biodegradable cleaning products produced by solidarity economy organizations
Food box with a month-long supply of healthy foods cultivated by agroecological and family farming
Eco food box and cleaning products to support a family of 4 for an entire month
Our impact
families received the eco food boxes and the protection kit since March
tons of food from family farmers distributed through our eco boxes
farmer families and solidarity economy workers from 14 cooperatives beneficiated
The importance of your donation
The funds secured will be used to promote food and sanitary security for the most vulnerable people. Our humanitarian aid actions will improve the lives of thousands of families, relieving the daily affliction caused by hunger and making them more resilient to face the social, environmental and economic challenges aggravated by COVID-19. The pandemic weakens the livelihood and exposes to many risks the groups, peoples and communities supported by the work of FLD-COMIN-CAPA. Hunger and violence increased and so did inequality and suffering. Donations are concrete acts that transform and save lives! Invite your friends to join our campaign:
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